30 Days to the Life You Have Imagined

30 Days to the Life You Have Imagined

Many of us imagine a life full of doing things we are passionate about, following our dreams, having fun, being active, and enjoying every moment. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy to translate those daydreams into reality. Our lives are full of distractions, obligations, technology, and other things that pull our attention away from living the life we imagine.

Often times, it takes a serious plan to start turning those dreams into reality. We need to make it a habit to actively pursue our joys and passions, just as we do with other things that are beneficial for us. The good news is that once we start establishing the habit, it gets easier to keep up long term.

I felt inspired to provide a jump-start toward a more fulfilling life by creating a plan that focuses on three clear areas of our lives for the first 30 days, with the hope that we will start to experience more joy, purpose, and passion in our days. Once the initial 30 days is up, we can keep moving forward by using what we learned works best of us to create our own individual goals and schedules for the months ahead.

30 Days to the Life You Have Imagined:

Day 1. Perform a random act of kindness for someone.

Day 2. Start a gratitude log – list 3 things you’re grateful for today and keep it up all month long.

Day 3. Journal – Freewrite about what your passion is, how you want to improve your health, and things you want to experience in life.

Day 4. Hydrate – drink 8 glasses of water a day and keep it up all month. If you’re looking to lose weight, add 1 glass for every 25 lbs you’d like to lose.

Day 5. Research your passion – scour the internet to learn everything you can about pursuing it.

Day 6. Go outside – get some fresh air, go for a walk, visit your favorite spot in nature.

Day 7. Pack a healthy lunch.

Day 8. Make room for your passion by decluttering and purging a space in your home.

Day 9. Swear off technology and television for a whole day.

Day 10. Start stretching – it’s wonderful to work out any stiffness or help relieve stress.

Day 11. Do one thing that makes you feel inspired toward your passion.

Day 12. Treat yourself – whether it be a pedicure, haircut, massage, or new outfit, do something that makes you feel good.

Day 13. Try yoga – I recommend Yoga for Complete Beginners for an easy introduction that anyone can do, or anything by Yoga with Adriene.

Day 14. Take one small step toward your passion by completing a small goal.

Day 15. Get dressed up and go out for dinner, drinks, dancing, the theatre, or people watching.

Day 16. Work up a sweat – pick your favorite way to get active and do it.

Day 17. Read a book on your passion. Get inspired!

Day 18. Try a new cuisine.

Day 19. Take a brisk walk, jog, or run, outside if possible.

Day 20. Share your passion with someone – describe what makes you excited about it.

Day 21. Explore a new neighborhood in your county or state.

Day 22. Workout with a friend or trainer for extra motivation.

Day 23. Complete the task you’ve been dreading in working toward your passion  – get it out of the way!

Day 24. Call a friend you’ve been meaning to reach out to.

Day 25. Try an exercise class – weights, dance, bootcamp, aerobics, there are so many options to choose from.

Day 26. Set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-specific) goals to continue working on your passion into the future.

Day 27. Volunteer somewhere in your work, home, church, or school communities.

Day 28. Ride your bike to work.

Day 29. Spend a whole day working on your passion. Write it on your calendar.

Day 30. Road trip for the day – drive at least an hour away and explore.

I’d love to hear about your daily journey in the comments below or check in at the end of the month to let me know about your progress. We can motivate, inspire, and support each other! Happy almost April!

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