Today is Friday… my favorite day of the week, Friday! I feel like most people might pick Saturday as their favorite day, but no, not me. But I have to work on Fridays, some people might say. And sure, I’ve been there. But there’s a certain buzz about Fridays, a natural high from knowing that you’ve almost made it through the week, that feeling of freedom that sets in once you’ve put in your time and walk out the door into your weekend, and maybe you’ve got something fun planned for Friday night, and maybe you got to wear jeans to work that day, but there’s always the anticipation from knowing you still have two whole days off ahead of you. Talk about a natural high. It’s a lovely feeling, isn’t it? Live it up! So what might we do to make the best of it?

Here are 9 ideas you can do on a whim without planning ahead:

1. Celebrate the start of spring this week by getting outside.
2. Catch a movie! Splurge a little and go to a luxury theater.
3. Grab a cocktail! It IS National Cocktail Day, after all! Celebrate!
4. Go out to dinner. Leave the meal you thawed for tomorrow and try someplace new. You deserve it!
5. Hit a local brewery or winery for a tasting.
6. Practice a little self-care and grab a manicure or pedicure to get ready for the weekend.
7. Take in a class – whether it’s yoga or zumba at the gym or an event at the local community college, it’s sure to be stimulating.
8. Get some friends together for an impromptu house party or bonfire.
9. Find some live music at a local bar or concert venue.

Now go out there and enjoy it! And don’t forget to tell me what you decided to do. Happy Friday!

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