Summer Bucket List Check In

Summer Bucket List Check In

It’s the second day of August, and the coming semester is fast approaching with one school starting August 29th and the other starting September 5th! With just a few weeks left of little obligation, and just under 8 weeks until the autumn equinox and the official end of summer, I thought it would be a great time to check in on how everyone is doing with their summer bucket lists. In case you missed it, I shared my list of 50 activities here.

This is how the hubby and I are faring so far:


Summer Bucket List Check In from The Life You Have Imagined




  1. Spend a long weekend on the coast – We’ve enjoyed both Block Island and the Outer Banks
  2. Go canoeing
  3. Have a bonfire
  4. Watch some fireworks
  5. Check out a new brewery – New to us this summer were Epicure Brewing, Fat Orange Cat Brew Co., and Steady Habit Brewing Company in CT, as well as Weeping Radish Farm Brewery in NC
  6. Go to the beach
  7. Have a yard game night – Done while we were camping and then coming up again this weekend
  8. Go on a road trip – Outer Banks, NC and Brownfield, ME
  9. Go camping with friends
  10. Try a new restaurant – We’ve managed to check out a couple of local places, one place on Block Island, and several in the Outer Banks. Here are some of our favorites: Sunset Ribs and Hannah’s Market and Deli in CT; Dead Eye Dick’s on Block Island; and Dancing Turtle Coffee Shop, Frisco Sandwich, Captain Rolo’s, Sandbar & Grille, Watermen’s Bar & Grill, and Good Winds Restaurant in NC
  11. Read books – Finished How to Be a Woman and Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear and deciding what to read next
  12. Make fried dough
  13. Play with sparklers
  14. Wear some glow jewelry
  15. Make a summer soundtrack or road trip playlist
  16. Visit an art gallery or museum – Seaworthy Gallery, Blue Pelican Gallery, and Indian Town Gallery in NC; Rose Arts Festival in CT
  17. Explore somewhere new – Block Island
  18. Listen to live music
  19. Collect beach glass or shells
  20. Go to the movies on a rainy day – We love movies, and though we tend to go less often in the summer, we’ve still managed to catch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  21. Visit a farm stand – We’ve stopped at our favorite local place, Campbell’s Farmstand, as well as Grandy Greenhouse & Farm Market in NC
  22. Go tech-free for a day
  23. Watch the sunset (Lots of them!)
  24. Make/eat an ice cream sundae
  25. Create something – Do blog posts count?
  26. Have a water fight
  27. Make s’mores
  28. Make milkshakes/root beer floats


Summer Bucket List


To Do:


  1. Fly a kite
  2. Eat a lobster roll (Had a lobster grilled cheese on Block Island, but not a lobster roll)
  3. Go sailing (Stayed on my in-laws’ sailboat for 3 days, but have not yet been sailing on it)
  4. Watch a movie at the drive-in
  5. Make ice cream
  6. Watch a meteor shower or solar eclipse
  7. Throw a deck party (Building our new deck is taking a little longer than anticipated – too many fun things going on!)
  8. Write a book
  9. Go mini-golfing
  10. Get a massage
  11. Watch a baseball game
  12. Eat at a food truck
  13. Take a pottery class
  14. Perform acts of kindness
  15. Go to the fair
  16. Float down a river in a tube
  17. Take a scenic drive
  18. Go berry picking
  19. Throw a girlfriend slumber party
  20. Nap on a blanket in the sun
  21. Eat brunch with friends
  22. Play at an arcade

We’ve only accomplished just over half of the list so far. Guess we need to get our butts moving and make the best of the remaining weeks! I definitely have a few ideas for checking off some of these, and some of them will probably extend into fall, but that’s okay by me. Why should summer have all the fun?

What have you enjoyed most on your summer bucket list so far? What do you most want to still do?

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