First Day of Summer Celebration – Summer Bucket List

First Day of Summer Celebration – Summer Bucket List

It’s finally here! My 4th favorite day of the year after Christmas, Halloween, and my birthday. It’s the first official day of summer and nearly the longest day of sunlight (which actually happens on the 24th).

To celebrate the first day of my favorite season, I compiled a bucket list of 50 summer activities to enjoy in the sunshine (and the occasional rain) this year, complete with a free downloadable checklist pdf for easy printing and marking off. I know I’m hoping to check a few of these off my list this week! Happy 1st Day of Summer!

Downloadable PDF checklist of 50 Summer bucket list activities

~ Download FREE printable here ~

  1. Spend a long weekend on the coast
  2. Go canoeing
  3. Fly a kite
  4. Eat a lobster roll
  5. Go sailing
  6. Watch a movie at the drive-in
  7. Have a bonfire
  8. Watch the fireworks
  9. Check out a new brewery
  10. Go to the beach
  11. Make ice cream
  12. Watch a meteor shower or the solar eclipse
  13. Throw a deck party
  14. Have a yard game night
  15. Write a book
  16. Go mini golfing
  17. Get a massage
  18. Go on a road trip
  19. Go camping with friends
  20. Watch a baseball game
  21. Try a new restaurant
  22. Eat at a food truck
  23. Read books
  24. Listen to live music
  25. Take a pottery class
  26. Make fried dough
  27. Play with sparklers
  28. Wear some glow jewelry
  29. Make a summer soundtrack or road trip playlist
  30. Perform acts of kindness
  31. Visit an art gallery or museum
  32. Go to the fair
  33. Explore somewhere new
  34. Float down a river in a tube
  35. Collect beach glass or shells
  36. Go to the movies on a rainy day
  37. Visit a farm stand or market
  38. Go tech-free for a day
  39. Take a scenic drive
  40. Go berry picking
  41. Throw a girlfriend slumber party
  42. Watch the sunset
  43. Nap on a blanket in the sun
  44. Make an ice cream sundae
  45. Eat brunch with friends
  46. Create something
  47. Have a water fight
  48. Make s’mores
  49. Play at an arcade
  50. Make milkshakes/root beer floats

What do you plan to do this summer that didn’t make it on the list?

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